2024 Facts & Statistics: Shift in U.S. Coffee Trends

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Syracuse, NY – Drive Research’s recent survey has revealed significant insights into American coffee drinkers’ evolving preferences and habits, highlighting a notable shift in how coffee is consumed and enjoyed. The survey’s findings are summarized in the table below, offering a clear and concise overview of the key data points:

Primary Reason for ConsumptionTaste preferred by 83% of drinkers
Secondary Reasons for ConsumptionEnergy boost (67%), productivity (43%), health benefits (29%)
Preference ChangesDecline in black coffee preference (18% in 2024 vs. 56% in 2022)
Rising PreferencesFlavored coffee, almond milk (24%, up 71%), oat milk (19%, up 90%)
Daily Consumption73% of Americans, highest among retirees (81%)
Home Brewing MethodsKeurig pods (30%), drip machines (29%)
Sweetness Preference38% prefer unsweetened coffee
Spending TrendsMore spending on at-home brewing; 1/3 spend $11-$20 monthly at home vs. 23% in cafes
Global ComparisonHigh volume in the U.S., but not in top 20 per capita
General InsightTaste increasingly important, diverse coffee enjoyment trends

This table encapsulates the key findings from the survey, which challenge the common belief that caffeine’s energy benefit is the main appeal of coffee. Instead, taste emerges as the primary driver for 83% of coffee drinkers. The survey also highlights a declining trend in the popularity of black coffee, with a significant drop from 56% preference in 2022 to just 18% in 2024.

In addition, the survey points to a broader trend within the United States. According to the “Atlas of American Coffee” by the National Coffee Association, about 400 million cups of coffee are consumed daily in the U.S., with a daily consumption rate of 73% among Americans. This consumption is most prevalent among retirees, who are the most frequent daily consumers at a rate of 81%.

Regarding brewing methods, Keurig coffee pods and drip brewing machines are the most used, preferred by 30% and 29% of drinkers, respectively. Despite the rising popularity of gourmet and specialty coffees, a significant portion of consumers (38%) still prefer unsweetened coffee.

The survey also indicates a substantial market for coffee at home and in cafes, with more Americans spending on at-home brewing than cafe expenses. A third of the consumers spend between $11 and $20 monthly on home brewing, as opposed to 23% who spend the same amount in cafes.

While the U.S. boasts high coffee consumption rates, it does not rank in the top 20 for per capita consumption globally. Countries with colder climates, such as Finland, lead in this regard. However, in terms of total volume, the U.S. remains the world’s top consumer of coffee.

In conclusion, Drive Research’s 2024 survey provides valuable insights into American coffee drinkers’ changing tastes and preferences, underscoring the growing importance of taste and diversity in coffee enjoyment.

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