Illy’s Coffee University Instructors Certified by ACS Italia

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Trieste, Italy – Illycaffè’s commitment to coffee education and quality has achieved a significant milestone with the global certification of its Università del Caffè instructors by ACS Italia. This certification reaffirms instructors’ exceptional expertise and proficiency across the 23 global Università del Caffè locations. All 50 instructors who participated in the accreditation process successfully earned their certifications, with those in Trieste earning the highest recognition.

Established in 1999, the Università del Caffè is Illycaffè’s flagship institution dedicated to promoting and enhancing the global culture of quality coffee. Rooted in the company’s rich history dating back to 1933, this institution serves as a vital hub for coffee education and has already reached over 345,000 individuals.

The Università del Caffè offers a diverse range of courses tailored to various segments of the coffee industry, including growers, hospitality professionals, and coffee enthusiasts. These programs are meticulously designed to enhance sustainability and quality throughout the coffee production chain, from tropical cultivation to consumer enjoyment.

Cristina Scocchia, CEO of Illycaffè, expressed her pride in this remarkable achievement, emphasizing the certification as a testament to the instructors’ readiness and the courses’ quality. Massimo Dutto, General Director of ACS Italia, commended the collaborative effort and underscored the significance of skill certification in meeting market and company requirements.

ACS Italia’s accreditation of the Università del Caffè instructors represents a significant stride toward ensuring the highest coffee education and expertise standards are upheld globally. This certification not only bolsters the credibility of Illy’s educational programs but also enriches the knowledge and skills of the global coffee community.

Illycaffè’s unwavering dedication to coffee culture and excellence is evident through various initiatives, including collaborations with renowned artists and designers, introducing innovative products like the Illy Art Collection, and partnerships with major companies to expand its brand presence. The company continues to prioritize innovation, steadfastly focusing on quality, sustainability, and the worldwide dissemination of coffee culture.

With this certification, Illycaffè’s Università del Caffè solidifies its position as a coffee education leader and contributes to raising global coffee standards, ensuring that consumers worldwide can savor the finest coffee experiences.

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