Intelligent Blends Boosts Solar Power for Sustainability

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San Diego, CA – Intelligent Blends, a prominent coffee, tea, and functional beverage manufacturer, has taken a significant step in its sustainability journey by installing a new 280kW solar system at its headquarters. This move follows the successful implementation of a 284kW solar system in 2020, underscoring the company’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and embracing renewable energy.

Michael Ishayik, Founder and CEO, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, highlighting the company’s ongoing efforts in environmental stewardship and its leadership in sustainable innovation. The new solar installation will substantially meet the company’s energy requirements, decreasing its dependence on traditional power sources.

Beyond its environmental impact, the expansion promises economic benefits, with Intelligent Blends projecting a 40% reduction in energy costs. This illustrates the economic advantages of sustainable practices. The company also focuses on eco-friendly packaging and sustainable production methods, addressing sustainability’s product and process aspects.

With the addition of the new solar panels, Intelligent Blends is among the first in its sector to power a large portion of its operations with solar energy. Its commitment to sustainability includes ethical production practices, evidenced by its pioneering work in commercializing recyclable Poly Propylene #5 K-cups, certified by SCS Global.

Aiming to achieve complete carbon neutrality by 2024, Intelligent Blends is at the forefront of leveraging emerging technologies for eco-friendly product development. This aligns with a growing global trend towards sustainability and renewable energy in manufacturing.

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