Second Cup’s Remarkable Expansion in Egypt Signals Growing Market Presence

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Toronto, Canada – The Second Cup Coffee Company Inc., a leading specialty coffee retailer, is undergoing substantial growth in Egypt, reflecting a significant expansion of its international presence. In 2023, the company added 13 new stores in Egypt, bringing its total to 21 locations. This growth underscores Second Cup’s dedication to high-quality coffee and exceptional service, which has been well received in the Egyptian market.

Jim Ragas, CEO of The Second Cup Coffee Company Inc., attributes this success to the brand’s strong appeal, the superior quality of their coffee, and the team’s commitment. The expansion strategy, focusing on creating a welcoming café environment and offering innovative menu items, highlights the brand’s attractiveness.

Established in Toronto in 1975, Second Cup has operated as two entities since 2009: Second Cup Café in Canada and Second Cup Coffee Company internationally. Following the recent acquisition of the Canadian division by Foodtastic Inc., the international division now manages 170 stores across 20 markets, notably in Pakistan, Ghana, Egypt, and Cyprus.

Aiming for global growth, Second Cup plans to enter the US market, seeking franchise partners to join the competitive 40,000-store US branded coffee shop sector. This initiative aligns with their global expansion strategy, emphasizing sustainability and ethical sourcing.

Second Cup’s successful expansion in Egypt highlights its ability to adapt and flourish in various markets. Committed to quality, customer service, and sustainability, the company continues to deliver a distinctive and memorable coffee experience to customers globally.

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